So, you think your car is totalled?

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So, you think your car is totalled?

Post  onevia drift on Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:57 pm

Ok so the here's the story. A friend of mine let his cousin borrow his car to go to LA. On the waydown there he was in an accident..... He ran into/under the back of a semi trailer.. Fun stuff.... so they towed the car back and just so happened to call me and see if i could fix it.

Here's what i did =)

1) Took a pic of the car, looked at frame rail damage, engine damage, etc.

* As you can tell... It's pretty FUBAR.... lol... The hood is done, passenger fender is screwed, the bumper is sol, and under the hood the radiator, rad. support, and passenger fender well were all kinds of crinkled. I looked at the motor to see if there was any damage. from looking at it without taking anything off, all i noticed was a broke clutch fan.

2) Started taking stuff off the car

* fun stuff.. i removed almost everything i could without leaking any fluids.

3) start cutting and drilling out oem spot welds.

* I worked my way from the driver side to the passenger side cutting and drilling out anything that i thought needed to be replaced. Once i got to the passenger side I was tired of drilling out the 1000 spot welds that held the car together... so i cut it off with a Sawzall, planning on going back later and drilling out what i had left intact still. While cutting and removing sheet metal i unclipped many plugs and moved the chassis harness so i wouldnt cut it.

4) Cut out the passenger fender well. But leaving enough metal left to come back and drill out the spot welds later.

Then i took a pic of the entire front end cut off

5) Then i cut off the front end of the donor shell. I maded sure to cut off too much so i can go back and trim off what i didnt need.

6) I then cut off any excess metal off the donor front end and i drilled out the spot welds so i can line it all up piece by piece.

7) Once it was pretty good and straight i started bolting up the hood, fenders, headlights, and bumper
****BEFORE DOING ANY WELDING****... Just in cae some things had to be moved around a little bit.

Cool Then, once it was all pretty well set in place...... I started welding =)
When i got done, I ended up with this.

It took me a while but once it was done i was pretty happy =)
onevia drift
onevia drift
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Re: So, you think your car is totalled?

Post  Mig20 on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:12 pm

Sweet turned out really that a 180sx bumper..?

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