DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning

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DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning Empty DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning

Post  onevia drift on Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:21 pm

Ok, so recently i noticed my car's idle was shitty and occasionally at stop lights/ signs.... it would die.
I soon found out that the main problem this may be is a dirty/clogged IACV (Idle Air Control Valve)

Difficulty 3/5
Time 45min-1hr
Tools needed:
*3/8" wratchet
*deep well 10mm socket
*regular short 10mm socket
*3/8 u-joint (swivel joint)
*longer than normal tiny ass flat head screwdriver
*LARGE headed flat head scewdriver
*needle nose pliars
-(or a pair of pliars that you can use to remove a hose clamp, non screw type)
*IACV gasket
* Adhesive backed gasket material
I didnt need t use a 1/4 wratchet but if you feel like you want to use one, or if you feel it may be easier... By all means, try it.

The IACV is located on the lower half of the intake manifold right underneath where the heater hoses go in through the firewall.

DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning IACV

To remove he IACV:
1st, you can use the wratchet and deep well 10mm socket to get to the 3 bolts you can see.
It is a little bit of a pain in the ass but with a little elbow grease and some patiece, you can get em.
once you get them loose you can then turn then by had with the socket still over the bolt. Its slow but they will come out.

2nd, once the 3 bolts you can see are out, there is one left. From the angle you are looking at the IACV you cant see the fourth bolt due to being blocked by a sensor.
For this one i used my 3/8 wratchet, u-joint(swivel joint), and the small 10mm socket.
I found that it was a lot easier if you can place the wratchet with the handle pointed down towards the ground (allows more turning angle)
You can put the scket on the u-joint and then find the bolt and place the socket attached to the u-joint on the bolt.
You then click the wratchet and the u-joint together with the wratchet handle pointed downward.
Break te bolt loose then you can undo the wratchet from the u-joint and twist the bolt out with the socket.

Once the 4 bolts are loose you can give it a little tap to break the seal it has on the manifold.
once it is loose, leave it there and focus on removing the 1/2" hose from a tube you will find on the lower part of the manifold. It is directly in sight as you are looking at the IACV. The top right bolt you removed from the IAV holds a matel tube in place. The hose that goes into this tube is the one to be removed.
Unclamp the clamp fron the tube and remove the hose.

once that is done you can move the IACV around to see the 2 sensors with plugs/ clips. These clips need to be remover to undo the sensor plug.
You need to move the IACV around so that you can get the tiny flathead in to pry up the clips and remove them. Once the clips are removed, pull off the senso plugs and wiggle the IACV from under he manifold.

Once removed it wil look like this.:
You may see how yours is all gross and ugly and needs to be cleaned

DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning IACV2

Once you have the IACV out you can see the 2 sensors that are on it.
One will need to be removed with a 19mm wrench or a crescent wrench.
The other is held on with 2 phillips head screws.


Also, there is a screw you need to remove that you cannot see. It is covered with epoxy, whic you will need to remove to gain access to this screw.
It is gold in color and this is what you will need the large flathead screwdriver for.

Iacv taken apart:
DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning IACV3

Once it is taken apart, clean it all good and put it all back together.
You will also need a new gasket, because chances are, that the oe that was there is all broken/cracked.

You can go buy one OR you can get some Adhesiv backed gasket material stuff and make your own.

DIY IACV Removal/Cleaning IACV4

once it is all clean and you have made your gasket....
put it back on and see how she runs.
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